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My parents were both immigrants and taught me that hard work is the key to a fulfilling life. Growing up, I watched my family work tirelessly just to make ends meet. It became clear to me at a young age that simply getting by wasn't enough. When I lost my father at 22, my goals became even more urgent.


In my twenties, I set out to learn everything I could from people who were living the life I aspired to—a life where the electric bill and car payments were always covered, and there was the freedom to go anywhere at any time. I discovered a common denominator among the wealthiest individuals: real estate. Recognizing this, I made the bold decision to leave my beloved hometown of San Diego, CA, and move to Denver in 2015 to pursue a stable career and build a real estate empire.


For years, people around me suggested that I become a real estate agent. Initially, I resisted the idea. The commission-only pay structure intimidated me, and I was reluctant to sell anything. But eventually, I decided to take the plunge, on my own terms. I wanted my career to be about helping people design their futures, build wealth, and live life their way. For the past seven years, I’ve been doing just that. My mom and I now enjoy a good life, my business continues to thrive, I'm opening new segments of my portfolio and my clients are on the path to generational wealth.


When I’m not closing deals, you can find me coaching weightlifters, sharing my passion for wine, and bringing people together in fun and creative ways. In my downtime, I love to snowboard, surf, smoke cigars, ride motorcycles, and relax by the fire.


I’m currently working on several development projects and building a real estate team within my company.  I aim to train a group of elite agents ready to serve and construct a portfolio of custom homes unlike anything Denver has seen before.  

Joey Hoisescu

Broker Associate
201 Milwaukee St, Denver, CO 80206

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